To heat up a relationship at an unnaturally speedy rate. Unfortunately, the resulting relationship often is more like a Hungry Man TV dinner than a slow-cooked paella. Again, credit to TT for this clever characterization.
A: So what's new with T and E?
K: Splitsville.
A: No way!
K: Way.
A: Well, they totally microwaved it.
K: Yeah. You'd think they were like lesbians or something.
A: Nope -- just two lonely men wanting something real.
K: Oh fucking well.
A: Too fucking bad.

by JohnnyAZ May 29, 2006
A type of execution used by favela (slum) gangs in Rio de Janeiro where old tired are stacked up around a person until only his head is sticking out. Gasoline is then poured in up to his ankles and the whole thing is ignited from the inside. The tire rubber fuels an incredibly hot fire that sends thick plumes of black smoke into the air. A mound of melted rubber is left over that serves as a warning to others.
3 gang members were microwaved in the park yesterday.
by JoeCast August 05, 2011
An alternate term for going down on a guy. Most commonly used when talking to someone in a public place.
Chica 1: "I heard you gave that buff guy in gym class microwave last night."

Chica 2: "Yeah he didn't last long, I've had a lot of practice."
by westfalia December 11, 2009
When you don't want to attract attention so wave just a little bit
My ex was next to you at the bar so I wicrowaved to get your attention!

Hes shy so when we meet we always microwave!
by Burtnlovely May 30, 2011
a weed smoking game. the rules are as follows: get several people to stand in a line. Fire up a joint and take a hit. Hold it in and pass it on. You cannot let it out until it has come back to you. During this time you must also be spinning around constantly as if in a microwave. Repeat several times. Best done in a hotbox situation.
EDMUND: i say how does a quick game of microwave sound to you chaps?
CHARLES: oh spiffing idea old boy!
EDMUND: oh my i am quite baked indeed.
by madtie2 September 30, 2009

An action in which a male-female couple or male-male couple intend to pleasure one another with sexual intercourse. In turn the female, or un-wanting male in the male-male relation denies access to cavity. In reaction, the male that has been denied, lowers the partner's undergarment and ejaculates then replaces the undergarment in proper place sealing the semen into the undergarment. Thus, the semen dries and seals the undergarment to the partner. Also, in text, placing an item (semen) into the undergarment (microwave) for it to set.
Dude, I microwave -d that ho last night when s/he didn't give me any! Damn Right I got that bitch! I microwave -d it!
by Kilo & Sarah December 10, 2007
Something that heats things up using micro waves. Used for cooking food, torturing baby kittens, and much much more.
Person: "I want to cook my chinese food using waves that are micro. I think I will go and buy a microwave."
by Evil October 18, 2003
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