The partying or dancing ecstatically of an individual in some place or another.
Either dancing by themselves or with a small group of people.
Two guys on a street corner.
Steve: Dude, look at that guy over there. Hes just dancing by himself.
Sean: Haha, i dont hear any music. He must be having his own little micro-rave.
by After-K July 05, 2010
Top Definition
A rave with few participants in an enclosed space.
Man, that microrave was nuts, I started tripping out and thought that someone had me in a microwave.
by The one true dogboy August 04, 2007
when you light glow sticks and put them in the microwave and all the colourful liquid from the glow stick gets spread all in the microwave.
looks like a rave in a microwave
guy 1 - dude whats a microrave
guy 2 - idk go check
by qazxswedcvfrtgbnhyujmkiolp March 26, 2009
A party with less than 100 people. A mixture between a regular house party and a full-blown rave. Always involves either extasy, acid, or both. Always has loud, bass-heavy techno, glowsticks, orange juice, and many people going dumb at once.
We had a fat microrave last weekend, man, and I was trippin balls!

I got a bunch of new Benassi and Basshunter, as well as other new hardstyle shit, looks like it's time for a microrave!
by Azzim The Awesome December 20, 2008
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