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An inferior sexual climax, usually very muted and of short duration, that leaves one generally unsatisfied or with a feeling of lack, the cause of which can vary, but some of the reasons can be: an unattractive partner, a particularly bad partner, lack of a partner, distraction/preoccupation with something else, severe intoxication, among others.
George: How was your date with Crystal last night? Did you score?

Jerry: Meh...yeah, but during the act, I began taking a good, long look at that weird mole on her neck - did you know there are 7 hairs growing out of that thing? - anyway, I kept staring at it in a repulsed trance - I couldn't tear my eyes away - and I only managed to pop off a microgasm.

George: Are you going to see her again?

Jerry: ...I don't think so.
by craigD October 14, 2006
1. A mini-orgasm, usually one of a multitude
2. When an orgasm is a microcosm for all pleasure in the world
1. My girl told me I was so good she had ten microgasms before she erupted.

2. Everyone who becomes enlightened experiences a microgasm!
by ProlificPencil May 30, 2009
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