Combination of acid and mescaline in a small dot shaped hit. Mind blowingly strong!
We were at the phish show and grabbed some micro dots.
by mercier May 14, 2008
Top Definition
LSD in form of a pill. There is no mescaline in microdots. Mescaline is active in the 400mg range, a microdot doesn't weigh more than 10mg. You'd be hard pressed putting any psychoactive into a microdot.
I bought some microdots, but it turned out to be birth control pills. Damn, that sucks.

Dude, I ate 3 microdots and now I'm talking to a bottle of orange juice.
by Pedram June 21, 2005
LSD crystal, the size of one grain of salt encased in a tiny pill.

Pill it self has no psychedelic property, it is only used as a means of distribution and administration. Like paper is for liquid form of LSD.
Some one who is not me used a microdot last night.
by Kontsnor July 26, 2014
LSD or Mescaline in the form of a pill that is usually less than an eighth-inch in diameter.
LSD can come in liquid, gel, paper, or microdot form.
by yon sved November 26, 2003
Slang for LSDs, you know the things that give you trips.
I gotsta get sum mor of deez microdots 2nite, blud, its how its goin down.

Sum thug out da bak woz sellin microdots
by Slickalicious October 30, 2004
having or showing a lack of common sense, comprehension, perception

Has gay fantasies about retards
His penis is tiny as it resembles the size of his brain. His quality of posting lacks in comedy, intelligence and just straight up interest. Everything he posts sucks dick, he is the worst poster in the history of all forums

by Microdot April 03, 2005
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