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A hobby you spend hardly any time on, but that you claim because you bought the gear.
Bottom says he’s taken up bodyboarding, but it’s just a vacation micro hobby.
by Bottom Ford September 27, 2010
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In these days of constant distraction, hyperactive advertising, media, social networks, cool devices, gadgets, geekery, sport, clubs, activities, short haul weekends away, gigs, shows, films, festivals, and er, the 9to5 work that pays for it all, can anyone really have the time to form a proper hobby? Devote regular time each week to actually turn up and do stuff? I’m not so sure…

The affliction of having microhobbies is similar to the advanced nerd manifestation that is NADD and has the same cause - always searching for something new, something cool, the new high thats comes from finding something out, finding out how it links into the world and expands your mental map of everything. Once linked, of course, it serves no further purpose in itself, why should it? Why stop there when it can be used to understand the next cool thing? Time to move onto it. Now, now now!

A microhobby just like a regular hobby with the important exception of commitment and any longterm interest or building of skill. Microhobbies are entered into with much gusto, breathless enthusiasm, non-stop bluster and chatting to anyone who will listen, do all your research, buy all the kit, get involved, get really involved, get distracted by something shiny, get confused, get bored, go home, try something else…

Sufferers would love to be brilliant at something, anything, but there’s simply too much they want to do. There’s too much to know about, so much opportunity to try new things, that they seem to never build up depth in any particular area.
Buying that new Telecaster you've always wanted to play, buy some tab, some replacement strings, take two weeks off work and play solidly (and badly) and imagine yourself the Next Big Thing. Then go back to work, sadly, and get caught up in going out to some gigs, shows, meeting mates etc, think how cool it would be to learn the drums, forget all about your obsession for the guitar, put it away for six months then sell it. You've now played guitar, well done. Check the box, tell your friends "I used to play guitar" and never think of it again.

You've just had a microhobby.
by JonSedar January 07, 2008
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