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A guy with a great personality who plays good at sports and video games. Have good grades also and most of the time, girls go crazy over him. He's just so hot
Omg have you seen Mico?? He's so hot
by Christian47 February 02, 2014
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mico (aka comi) is the Costa Rican slang for female genitalia (Vagina)
Que buen mico!! /What a great pussy!
un mico chiquitico! / a really tight pussy
by McGaver January 07, 2008
1)Central american spanish slang for female private part , similar to english pussy.

2)can also mean monkey( in various parts of the Americas)
1st definition)Fui a comer afuera , me comi un mico. translation: I went to eat out, I ate a mico( pussy)
2nd and 1st definition)ese mico peludo tiene un mico peludo y feo. translation: that hairy monkey has a hairry and ugly mico(pussy)
by SailorVegeta March 06, 2010
'Zepto' is currently the smallest unit of measurement in the scientific community. It is measured as (10^-21). However, when describing something smaller than a 'zepto', most scientists and professionals use the unit of 'mico'. This unit is measured at (10^-69). Due to the fact that not many entities are actually that small, people usually use the term 'mico' to describe objects in a hyperbolic manner. The 'mico' is a term based off of the famous Dr. Tubs McGrubs, a pedant of the shallow creed. It is considered a grave insult to call another a 'mico', as it implies diminutive size in aspects such as height or penis size.
Example 1:

MSW: My penis is Mico sized; I need a Mico-scope to see it :(
Everybody: How's the weather down there?

Example 2:

MSW: Don't call me Mico. Who do you think you are?
Everybody: But you ARE Mico sized, you tenacious turd cultivator!
MSW: Oh yeah :(
by FRSMSWAF December 29, 2010

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