Here's another good book about Michael Jackson:

Keep Moving: The Michael Jackson Chronicles by Armond White (Resistance Works) is a series of contemporaneous critical essays focused on Jackson’s short films. Included is "The Gloved One Is Not a Chump," on the "Black Or White" video, which won the 25th Annual ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for music criticism in 1992. White is renowned as an exacting critic with a supreme depth of knowledge about film history in cultural context with an unusual capacity to think for himself, which has sometimes made him a lightening rod for controversy. His question here is, “Has there been a more compelling cultural figure than Michael Jackson?” By the end of this series of essays, he passionately anoints Jackson as the most courageous and subtly subversive artist of his time.
Read and learn about Michael Jackson right here, folks!
by ArteFact December 10, 2012
While many people are aware of Jackson’s tremendous commercial success in terms of units sold or concert attendance records broken, serious analysis of his art has perhaps been impeded by these very facts. The question goes something like this: is it possible for great art to be wildly popular, and embraced on such an enormous scale? Is it possible to be a serious artist, and also be the “King of Pop”?

Apparently it is. Efforts are now being made to understand both the meaning and the impact of Michael Jackson’s art. Examples in the past few years include symposia at Duke, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia College Chicago, Schomburg Center, the Louvre, Lincoln Center and other institutions of learning. Michael Jackson, as well as Beethoven, Franz Liszt, and Jimi Hendrix were discussed as part of a presentation about virtuosity in music at the Louvre. His music has received classical treatment by symphonies around the world. “Thriller” is the only music video to be selected for the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, and Jackson himself is likely to remain the only pop star inducted into the Dance Hall of Fame--alongside other distinctive architects of American dance heritage like Astaire, Graham, and Balanchine.
Michael Jackson, unlike, say, the Beatles, is an American original and made a supreme contribution to popular music as high art.
by ArteFact December 10, 2012
The King of POP, The Artist of the best selling album in the world Thriller ( not to be confused with Eagles Greatest hits which is the best selling album in the US ).
Currently on case for child molestation, and thought guilty by uneducated ppl who get influenced by cheap taboids.
Michael Jackson has sold more copies of thriller that the total population of the united kingdom (58 million).

Man, you dance almost as good as Michael Jackson.
by Jiggaak June 03, 2004
Hmm.. where should I start??

The King of Pop
Pop Music Icon
Record in the Guiness Book of World Records as most money spent to charities
The family that accused Michael Jackson of molesting their child admitted that they only did it for money
Michael Jackson was and will be the most talented entertainer in the world
Unfortunately, lots of people today are brainwashed by The Media and believe every little lie they come up with
Most of the world sees Michael Jackson as the real, talented, fun, loving, innocent guy he really is while the rest see him as what The Media, or what I like to call them, "The Lies" sees him as....
He died June 25, 2009, a day after my birthday.
He will never be forgotten....
R.I.P. Michael Jackson <3
Michael Jackson: If you wanna make the world a better place, then take a look at yourself and make a change

by MissKayla July 17, 2009
To do something that is in the style of something Michael Jackson would do.
I was performing the song and I moonwalked, I sure MichaelJacksoned it.

by Jason Star October 29, 2005
Genius, simply pure genius.. a man who didn't deserve the media's corruption and a man who will go down in history as The King Of Pop.
"Hey Barbara, remember Michael Jackson?"
"Yeah.. he was damn amazing.. i'll tell you that!"
by TheBrine May 17, 2010
The King Of Pop.
He invented the "Moon Walk" dance move.

Born; August 29th 1958
Died; June 25th 2009
Michael Jackson died? I can't believe this, he was the King Of Pop music.
by RebeccaMills June 28, 2009

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