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adjective; Small, of little or no consequence compared to other objects,ideas or sentiment.
He blew a grand in Atlantic City? That's mice nuts compared to what he dropped in Vegas!
by The 8th best man. June 11, 2006
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Formerly, in the better old days, a business term of art used to describe the insignificant or immaterial numbers or aspects of the business that the PC Police have taken away with most of life's other small pleasures.
Older manager says - these 2 companies are the material ones. All the other ones are mice nuts.

Newbie staff thinks - ha, he said mice nuts
by Karls Hammer May 09, 2016
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Small or insignificant amount. See Mice Nuts
Don't sweat the small stuff or don't sweat the micenuts.
by BillZeil May 07, 2007
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