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A town near Cincinnati, Ohio that is made fun of a lot due to having a name that sounds like it's referring to your ass.
"There's a sewage dump in Mianus."
"Bob, that's sick. Take that out of Mianus this instant!"
by KaiserMonkey August 19, 2003
A neighborhood in Greenwich, Connecticut. Featured on the MTV show Jackass.
"How do you get to Mianus?"
"Is Mianus a big place?"
"Look, there is a big, red truck in Mianus."
"What's the best meat in Mianus?"
"You ever catch any brown trout in Mianus?"
by Meow. May 15, 2008
A small town in ohio
"The pipes in mianus have been clogged for days now."
by Lauren Smith January 08, 2004
A town named after your ass.
Look! There's a big red truck in mianus!!
by nebu December 21, 2003
a town featured on the 21st century tv programme on jackass that is broadcast on mtv channel 4 and all good movie theatres last year but not any longer due to its run coming to an end.
people like the chocolate from mianus
by bob - gluttonous March 12, 2004
a small american town
mianus is a tourist attraction. many peole have been in mianus
by brian cornes March 20, 2004
A really funny name of a town in Ohio that gets made fun of due to the name. Jackass also made fun of it.
I can see Uranus from Mianus!
We're throwing a party in Mianus!
Many people live in Mianus!

"You guys, stop making fun of Mianus!"
by citizenofuranus October 26, 2008