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A Mia is the type of girl that you just wanna punch in the face. Mias are known to have a bad attitude and treat people like dirt for no reason. Mias are not loyal to their friends because they are always talking about them.They are not the most clean people either. Mias smell like 10 year old tuna fish mixed with poop and rotten eggs. Dont ever trust the ugly hoe that they call Mia. Mia tend to be very annoying.
Ew omg Mia talks about me and my friends behind my back!

Same here! I can't trust that backstabber
by fukyou December 31, 2008
when you refer to something as being 'here'
"Hey, where did you leave the bottle?"
"Over mia!"

"Say what?"
"Come mia" or just say "Mia" pointing your finger towards you
by monkeybiznez August 13, 2007
A typical British name, often associated with females who have blonde hair and light eyes. Although they are often swept off their feet by men who "snipe" at them from across the room, they often have the ability to seduce men, in particular those of Texan, Brazilian or Italian origin. People with this name often have an obsession with acronyms such as "MGG", "BMT" and "HMT" and bananas. These females can be erractic at times, despite their warm dispositions.
Mia: "OMG, I saw HMT making out with some random asian chick and smoking a ciggarette!"
by welovemia September 08, 2010
Usually a blonde bimbo, that fucks anything that moves, tosses mens salad every night. enjoys long fucks on the beach with a crab.
"do you see that naked girl over there having sex with a crab? she must be a mia!"
by BOOJAEEEE November 08, 2011
someone who LOVESSSSSSS BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you notice him...he's such a Mia

DUDE, he has such big ears, and Mia keeps looking at them!
by Earz October 18, 2009
Typically referring to a girl of Italian heritage who has extremely hairy legs and eyebrows. A Mia's shin is usually the color of gingerbread.
Hey, did you see that hairy orange girl in class?

Yeah. She was totally a Mia.
by sarahxfile October 20, 2010
Mia has amazing eyes and is beautiful. Mia is probably the most athletic and nicest person you would ever meet. She is really pretty and a great friend. Mia is great to have as your best friend. Secrets is a hard thing for her to keep as it is easy to get out of her but she will try to keep as long as she can. She is very loyal and will stick with you. Mia can be a very stubborn person but will push you into doing anything she does but she is also supportive. There is no way that you couldn't like Mia. She doesn't give you any reason not to be her friend. She will become like a part of you and your family. It would be so hard to survive a year without her. Mia is also the most awesome, funny, approachable, nice, and kind person you will ever meet. Mia is just perfect.
Who is that girl over there, she is so pretty and athletic. Oh, that's Mia.
by supsfg1967 September 17, 2014