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Usually a blonde bimbo, that fucks anything that moves, tosses mens salad every night. enjoys long fucks on the beach with a crab.
"do you see that naked girl over there having sex with a crab? she must be a mia!"
by BOOJAEEEE November 08, 2011
9 184
someone who LOVESSSSSSS BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you notice him...he's such a Mia

DUDE, he has such big ears, and Mia keeps looking at them!
by Earz October 18, 2009
19 201
Typically referring to a girl of Italian heritage who has extremely hairy legs and eyebrows. A Mia's shin is usually the color of gingerbread.
Hey, did you see that hairy orange girl in class?

Yeah. She was totally a Mia.
by sarahxfile October 20, 2010
8 203