Not exactly a Hungarian word, but used in Hungary for the girl you live and die for. A deaper meaning for "the love of your life".

Miána is still your miána and you love her and would do anything for her while you're dating or you feel you're in love with another girl. Unfortunately, miána can be you're (best) friend, who doesn't want anything from you, but miána is for life, never changes, you can't drop her, only she can drop you if she doesn't need you anymore (but if she's your true miána, you'd do it for her).
- Man, I've just met her!
- Who? The girl you're in love with?
- No, the girl I would do anything for. I would kill for her because she's my miána.
by NeverEndingRugby May 28, 2011
a slang reference of unity derived from the Spanish combination of the words "mi hermana" translated as "my sister" - used to refer to a close friend of family member as denoting the connotation a sisterly type of bond.
Veronica is like a sister to me, I call her miana'
by sgb0048 March 29, 2011

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