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1)mi-noodles & xao-fried. Thus fried noodles.

2)A common nickname given to Vietnamese girls with the name Michelle. Unlike Michelle, mi xao is demeaning and refers to a girl who is very clumsy and accidentally hits herself a lot. Contradicting to her comic mishaps, she is very smart and a very good fried... i mean friend.
Bob: Mi xao! Stop running into people, it's not nice
Mi xao: It's not my fault. Stop laughing!

Sharon: Thanks Mi xao!
Mi xao: Your welcome, AND MY NAME'S NOT MI XAO
by LQAZTEC! March 25, 2009
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Fried noodles/ chow mein
Let's go eat some mi xao at a Vietnamese restaurant.
by Mi Xao April 24, 2005
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