Meaning the same as "yes" or whatever similar.
It's more a sound than a word.

The opposite of "m-m".
Dude 1: ya wanna go get some food?
Dude2: mhm
Dude1: And away we go...
by Elliken April 20, 2010
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Word used in IM convorsations to make the 'sound' of nodding or accepting.
"Going to the mall later?"

"Do you like hamburgers?"
by Julien G. July 19, 2004
used in Instant messaging and face-to-face conversations in a way of accepting or saying yes
My Friend: You're bored aren't you Claire?
Me: mhmm
by The Bitch Herself! Mwah x May 14, 2005
a word in im'ing meaning yes,sure, or yea right(yea right meaning in a sarcastic way)or no problem
can you hold on?mhm
do you wanna hang out afrter school?mhm
i know Jessica Simpson!!mhm
by Kayla February 24, 2005
A sound someone makes when they couldn't give a damn about what your saying and are using it to end the conversation.
Guy1: Yeah I was wreckin everyone on COD last night. Damn I love it so much it's the best game ever!

Guy2: Mhm..


Girl: I think this one looks better don't you? wait no this one does doesn't it?

Boy: Mhm..


by Absurdword March 30, 2011
Lovely. idgaf
When you don't exactly care about anything, but want to keep the conversation going.
Person A: That does look very painful. Don't you think so?
You: mhm
by anaugi December 20, 2010
expresses feeling of happiness.
cyndy:"mhms babyy i lovee it ;*"
by cyndyxo08 March 23, 2009
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