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Gaelic for Mary meaning much loved and longed for child.
Beautiful in both looks and personality!
Mhairi is such a great person to get along with
by angelduff November 11, 2007
pretty on the inside and out!

shes a great friend to have, bad friend to lose (yn) she is no slut or hippie tht runs around trees in a green latex thong, she is an intelligent ( but not boring) person and everyone loves her <3
Lauren: I'm so upset

Erin: why

Lauren: I just lost the most amazing friend ever

Erin: was it Mhairi?
by erin.x3 January 03, 2010
Mhairi is a gaelic name for a female (pronounced Varry) which means "wind in the hills"

It is also the Scottish equivalent of Mary or Marie.
"Hi there, how do you pronounce your name, Mhairi?"

"It's pronounced varry"
by Scarlet Stars February 05, 2010
An extremely fresh white girl that can come up with tight rhymes, even though she comes from a farm
Yo, that mhairi raps like it's nobody's business, dat diss is wicked
by JC-1993 May 19, 2009
Mhairis are usually found dancing around trees wearing nothing but a green latex thong. They are hippies who take magic mushrooms.
That tree-hugger is such a mhairi.
by louisa k February 24, 2008
A rather unpleasant STD
eeew yuck she has a Mhairi
by Mrchocolate orange January 09, 2011
someone who resembles a monkey, odd looking feet and odd sleeping patterns. partying is the number one priority, and fighting ugly people. ladies and gentlemen, mhairi's should not be tampered with.. stay away.
"did you see what that mhairi did to that girl"
"yeah she just simply shit on her face"
"poor girl"
by tara cruz January 12, 2009