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Short for ''Metal Gear Solid 4''.

One of the few good PS3 exclusives...

ima go and play mgs4
by r4my June 13, 2008
Abbrevation for Metal Gear Solid 4, a PS3 game by Hideo Kojima.

In the latest addition of the Metal Gear Franchise you take on the role of Old Snake, who has aged rapidly due to the mutating FOXDIE virus in his body. In this, probably, last version of Metal Gear Solid it is up to you to stop your evil brother Liquid Snake from taking over the world.

MGS4 is a PS3-exclusive and will not release on the other gaming platforms.
The ending of Metal Gear Solid 4 (mgs4 really touches me. It has such a good storyline.
by Kirnak July 20, 2008
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