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Midget grandpa I'd like to fuck.
Coined by FLuffeTalks on Youtube.
Guy 1: That's not a young boy, that's a 57 year old midget. That is perfectly fine gay sex with a midget.
Guy 2: oh ho damn, I was about to say... You got a pretty nice mgilf there, man.
by idon'tknowyougetaway June 12, 2010

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midget milf
Midget Granma I Love to Fuck
I have a MGILF
by negronegronegro June 12, 2010
An acronym similiar to MILF, meaning Midget Grand(mother/father) Ide Like to Fuck
Did you see that hot MGILF?" "That was a 10 year old boy" "oops
by 1dotdotdashMIKE June 13, 2010