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Mexitruck (noun):

A road vehicle (usu. a pick-up truck in grave disrepair) over filled with junk and/or working equipment (ladders, lawnmowers, buckets) that has the passenger area crammed with more people (most often of mexican decent, hence the name) than the vehicle can safely accomodate. Almost always driven at a speed of 10 miles per hour LESS than the speed limit.
"I was late because I got stuck behind a mexitruck on its way to the 'Illegals Who Landscape' convention"
by LazySour August 28, 2005
cheap ass pickup with some ghetto fence type thing bordering the cab.

" yo wheres the last guy at? "

" i saw him hiding in the mexi-truck by sniper "

" go get em fallen "
by Steltran April 30, 2008