French word introduced by a douchebag pseudo-journalist called Nathanaël de Rincquesen on national french TV channel "France 2", talking about MMORPG.

Later on the television news, he fails harder and spells it "MMMPORPG".

It becomes a meme and most french geeks/gamers now uses it instead of MMORPG.

For ppl who still think adding some random french words in a conversation makes you awesome, Meuporg is pronounced /mœpɔʀɡ/ (ipa).
Example 1 (Drawn from The "France 2" television news and translated) :

Nathanaël de Rincquesen : "Meuporg is the slang word pointing out online role-playing games where ppl play with virtual friends."
*Newscaster fails hard to pronounce meuporg*
NdR : "It's pronouced like this, i'm sorry."
Newscaster : "And how is it spelt?"

Example 2 :

Guy #1 : "T'as vu le trailer du nouveau meuporg de Valve, Dota 2 ?"
Translation : "Have you seen the brand new meuporg from Valve trailer, Dota 2 ?"
Guy #2 : WTF ?! C'est pas un meuporg, bouffon.
Translation : "WTF ?! That's definitely NOT a meuporg, idiot."
by Antithese August 16, 2011
Top Definition
French word used by the guy in France 2 instead of MMORPG

He tries after that moment to regain some virility by spelling the word like this : mmmporpg
Guy 1 :-Est-ce que t'as hâte au prochain meuporg!

Guy 2 :-LMFAO!! Thats not a word!
by Zombiezzz June 06, 2010
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