In reference to a cell phone provider, Metro PCS. It's plans are good, basically unlimited anytime minutes as well as text. People who have this are usually made fun of because Metro service is crap. You don't get service anywhere. Also referred to as "Getro" or "Ghettro." (meaning its ghetto)...well at least in the Bay Area it is...
(at KMEL Summer Jam)
"Hey everyone who got a Metro put it up!...(everyone puts cell phone up)...WE GOT SERVICE!!!"
by cha BOOTY October 28, 2004
A Metro, or Metrosexual Male, that is straight, but mistaken for being homosexual because of his fun, happy personality, his good hygiene, and his neat dressing.
dude, Chris is so metro
by Slashwink December 22, 2008
1. Metrosexual
2. Urban rapid transit, commonly known as subway, tube, underground, metrorail.
1. He's a metro.
2. Take the metro line 1 to the airport.
by sega31098 July 16, 2010
In general, a term referring to a metropolitan area of any relatively major size; usu. a metropolitan area significant for being the major city in one's state or region OR for being the city in which one resides or spends the most time.
In South Carolina, "the Metro" refers to Columbia, as it is the largest city in the state and is a popular destination for shopping, entertainment, nightlife, etc. for people all throughout the state.

Dominique: Where you at, son?

Dwayne: I've been down at the Beach, but now I'm headed back to the Metro.

Dominique: Word. You wanna hit up the spot tonight?
by TehGamecok July 10, 2008
Colloquial universal reference to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Nevăda), one of the most corrupt pig gangs in the west. Known to racially profile and draw weapons/shoot for no apparent reason. They operate in pairs or convoys and are omnipresent except when you actually need them. Takes hints from nearby LAPD and MiB.
"Wtf Metro just blazed through that red light!"
>"Yeah Krispy Kreme closes in 10."
by pussywarrior February 03, 2013
city cops, city police
Metro juss caught ol' boy slippin downtown.
by KF337 April 02, 2011
the transportation services for Houston, TX which gives the hoods of the city its codes
44=Acres Homes 56=Greenspoint 503=Homestead and much more
Metro serves the city good but how about a better rail line.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 12, 2003

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