Top Definition
-verb (without object)
1. To walk on gravel
2. To vacate a premise in a timely manner by traveling across gravel.
i.e. While playing in the park, my 3'7 midget friend and I began to mether back to the car to make the 7:00 appointment with the Siamese twins transvestites.
by Doug Parkinson February 06, 2008
Some one who uses meth, more of a name for someone who does it offten.
hey look at that mether over there, taking apart that xbox.
by Goofy7271 February 07, 2010
Used in place of 'mother', 'mum' or 'mom', i.e.:

Up yer mether's gunty = In your mother's ladyparts

"Who did that?"
"Yer mether"
by Paulverine September 13, 2011
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