a whore,slut,hooker,skank ect. without hair.
Alexie and Kayla saw a Meta - Whore standing on the corner of a Bi-Lo the other day.
by Snuffle Luff a Gums December 02, 2006
Top Definition
Somebody that uses excessive metaphors in their speech/work.
A: Inifite strands of glimmering ebony silk dances around the ...
B: Shut up you metawhore, it's called HAIR.
by accidental October 19, 2005
One who uses metaphors, similie, or other figurative language in their writing and speech to an unhealthy degree.
Suzie: I am as exhausted as a dog who has just given birth to a litter of puppies.
Sally: You are such a metawhore.
Suzie: That is as juvenile as a fart joke.
by Merany August 31, 2007
when you compare somthing to a whore
Tom: That girl is so whorish she would do jeffery!
Micheal: Nice metawhore
Tom: thanks
by tom beotch! May 09, 2007
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