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Metamorsolace is best described as that crazy shit you cook up in your head to make you feel better after breaking up with someone. For instance, when friend's say shit to console you like "everything happens for a reason," thinking that their shit is original and a magic cure for your sorry, lonely, single ass; YOU, in turn, begin to come up with your own metaphors for describing your misery. It is in this process, that by bullshitting yourself, you manage to make yourself believe that something out of your control is the reason why you got dumped. i.e. "life is a journey, not an endpoint......sometimes there are potholes on the path, but there's still a path." Usually this thought process occurs most often while drinking (like me now) and it provides a momentary vacation from your single-life reality which is more appropriately described as pathetic. (excuse me miss, I'll have just one more beer thanks.)
Therapist to patient: "I'd like you to try and metamorsolize your feelings and get that shit out. Just let it out. Tell me about that crazy bitch that ruined your life but refer to her as a pothole on the road of life and this happened for a higher reason"

Friend to Friend: "I joined a yoga class!" Friend back to Friend "Fuck off, I'm in metamorsolace right now you insensitive prick"
by Row Bear April 26, 2013
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