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Usually an online term used to express a 'rock-on' type attitude to other people. Common groups using this expression: True metalheads, dick-sucking emo's, and posers.
\m/ This symbol can also be modified to -- \m/(>_<)\m/
GoThiK666MagGoT: Anyone here like Slipknot?
Incompetent_Thug01: wht is taht?
Glas_Und_Tranen: It's a nu-metal band, you incestual little freak.
GoThiK666MagGoT: Glas, I see you like Megaherz. They pwn.
Glas_Und_Tranen: Fuck yeah. Metalhands! \m/
Incompetent_Thug01: i masturb8 soo hard taht my fingrs falll off nad hit ym kybord. i am a n00b.
GoThiK666MagGoT: Eat shit and die.
Glas_Und_Tranen: \m/ It's like watching Tupac die all over again.
by elite_shadowsnake November 27, 2006
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