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ok braces are the back ring like thing on your molars and brackets are on your front teath. if you don't brush then the gums start moving down and covering your braces and then the orthodontist has to cut it after numbing it but you still can feel it so better brush. you cant have hard, sticky stuff or it will pull out your braces and you will have to get them glued back. if a bracket gets loose they replace it with a brace instead. they hurt for a week after you first get them and after you get them tightened. it hurts to chew or rip things off till the end of your 6 or 7 days.
(angel) person who got braces: hey just got my metal braces and brackets. they are starting to hurt
friend: how long they have to stay
angel: 4 years so about either year we get out or after highschool.
friend: that SUCKS
angel: I know right. cant wait for my retainer
by strongopinions July 17, 2014
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