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1.Tall tales

2.Self-help books for writers.
Example 1: You gonna write one of your metafiction blog posts about how last night with that girl turned out? Too bad she ditched you. Nobody on the internet has to know that though.

Example 2: Wow, I really enjoyed A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. I think I am going to go write some metafiction about my friends and my life now.
by JakeinthedirtyD February 22, 2009
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"Fiction which knows that it is just made up".

A story is a kind of lie we like to hear. As readers we throw ourselves into the world of literature and fiction to "escape" from the real world. Literature is a form of escapism. The authors don't declare to us that the story is a lie and so they make the story convincing and enjoyable to read. This is a postmodern tendency known as "metafiction".
Jeanette Winerson's "Sexing the Cherry" is a core example of Metafiction.

"Metafiction? It's a postmodern term that creates a world of fantasy and makes the imagination spiral out of control".
by purplepearl April 22, 2011

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