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The leader of the meta knights and a master swordsman.
He has a giant flying ship called the halberd and has appeared in many kirby games, also in smash bros brawl.
He has very fast swipes and his final smash is galaxia darkness.
Person 1: I main as meta knight! All PTs are going DOWN!
by jackson123 April 24, 2008
The most broken character in smash ever
by metetetetetetee March 06, 2010
A short mexican in a metal suit who has Fast fingers. He'll steal your tacos alright. Also the most commonly used in brawl tournies because not much people can win without him.
MetaKnight vs Meta Knight, It's obvious who is going to win.
by Former Brawler March 07, 2010
The other star warrior who is known to be Kirby's rival. He wields a sword known as the Master Sword that supposedly can cut through the sound barrier.
Dude, I just wrecked you with Metaknight.
by ICrocks August 28, 2009
A top tier character appearing in Brawl. Due to his all-around flurry attack and his major recovery,
he was a top tier character that basically was generally used by many in Brawl tournaments. His victory theme was burned into most of us.
Come back when you start getting banned in tournaments. - Meta Knight, Brawl Taunts 3
by Competitive Melee January 03, 2015
1. Ruler of the MetaKnights. And.. Uh.. He's a MetaKnight like the other MetaKnights.

2. King of the Internet

3. Online addict. Wait. That's the same as #2.

4. 42
"Have you seen MetaKnight?"
"Yeah. I hate that faggot.. I mean.. Cool guy."
by Justin Case February 25, 2005
A gay ass homo used by faggots who like sucking George Lopez's Ballz.
Gay Quier:I counter pick meta knight.
Awsome person: Fucking gay ass homo.
by TehFobo December 24, 2008

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