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A female born in Latin America posessing two backgrounds, typically Spanish(from Spain) and Native American.
She is a mestiza because her mother is from Spain and her father is a Incan(Peruvian Indigenous person).
#mestizo #mestizaje #mestiso #mestisa #mulatto
by 'Los May 09, 2006
biracial;specifically 1/2 filipino.
i.e. someone who is 1/2 filipino aswell as being 1/2 european, 1/2 caucasian, etc
"wow! how hot is that mestiza?!"
by Chantal (channy/tal) July 29, 2005
MESTIZA ONLY PERTAIN TO THOSE OF LATIN AMERICA MIXTURE, AND NOT TO OTHER COUNTRIES and CONTINENTS.There still going to be either white or Morena, no such thing as a new race, but since many south american Indian are mixed it just a lose term to say instead of half white and half indian, and must show half and half at least to be called mestiza and not 20 percent white is enough to be called mestiza espcially if they have oriental eyes and stocky bone structure, if she shows perdominatley white features, they are just usually called white or blanca's
There are many mestiza gilrs in latin america
#mestizo #mestiza #blanco #blanca #negra
by California2 August 12, 2006
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