A loser in denial that believes, for some unfound reason, that they are socially superior to others around them.
Mole is such an utter messenger.
by Prof. Lapse July 03, 2013
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A small subculture-ish group, started in Wichita KS, and North Carolina. The members of the group/subculture are usually on their computers all day, talking to friends, on a forum, or researching the social sciences. They can occasionally be found at a library, or walking to or from said library. The members of this group wear casual clothing, and a messenger bag. An example of a "messenger" outfit is: normal jeans, a grey shirt and a flannel shirt pulled over it. They tend to be smart, and very quiet.
An example of a member of the messengers is the group/subcultures anonymous creator, C.D. He wear a frayed pair of jeans, a dark grey shirt, and a reddish brown flannel shit. He has yet to start wearing a messenger, for unknown reasons.
by Anonymous Creator Of Group September 28, 2012
Best invention ever invented
Mike: Whats MSN Messenger?
Girl: Just go fuck yourself
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004

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