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A small subculture-ish group, started in Wichita KS, and North Carolina. The members of the group/subculture are usually on their computers all day, talking to friends, on a forum, or researching the social sciences. They can occasionally be found at a library, or walking to or from said library. The members of this group wear casual clothing, and a messenger bag. An example of a "messenger" outfit is: normal jeans, a grey shirt and a flannel shirt pulled over it. They tend to be smart, and very quiet.
An example of a member of the messengers is the group/subcultures anonymous creator, C.D. He wear a frayed pair of jeans, a dark grey shirt, and a reddish brown flannel shit. He has yet to start wearing a messenger, for unknown reasons.
by Anonymous Creator Of Group September 28, 2012
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A loser in denial that believes, for some unfound reason, that they are socially superior to others around them.
Mole is such an utter messenger.
by Prof. Lapse July 03, 2013
Best invention ever invented
Mike: Whats MSN Messenger?
Girl: Just go fuck yourself
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004

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