A random iOS auto-correction for "mwah." This has been adapted to not only mean "mwah" but also a form of hello or hi.

It is a solution for guys who do not really like to say "mwah" to each other, but want to put the same idea across.

When said out aloud, it's often elongated:
"Meeeeesh!" (the "eeeeee" sounds like the "e" in "bed")
E.g. Mesh! How is everyone one?

E.g. See you guys tonight! Mesh!
by KeenanMag November 09, 2012
Top Definition
to mix, to get along with
Gizel meshes real well with Will
by Joe Carp January 24, 2005
an action used between two amegos, when theirs fists come together and turn 90 degrees in opposite directions. This action usualy comes after a legendary comment or action.
"I wouldn't trust him with a paper clip" "Mesh to that bruv"
by Christian Brown November 04, 2006
A mission and a sesh put together.
Want to go to a soccer mesh?
by Brazilian Ben January 27, 2010
An adjective describing something being beyond awesome.
"Dude, that is so mesh!!"
by Colton May April 07, 2006
To have sex with. Or (in some cases), any sort of sexual intercause.
Girl 1= "what happened after you n him left da club last night"

Girl 2= "we went back to his yard n got busy enit"

Girl 1= "izziit. It was blatant you would mesh him "
by Princess Mercii September 19, 2007
mesh is money bread cake guap you know
Aye i got alot of mesh at da crib.
by Devontae May 07, 2007
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