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A fandom in which a woman (or more rarely a man) either buys or makes a mermaid tail for the purpose of swimming in pools, lakes, or just posing on the rocks, usually while being photographed. Occasionally done with other mermaids.
Hannah got her new tail in last week and can't wait to go mermaiding in it.
by The Neo-Architect March 18, 2011
when both feet end up in one leg of your pants
"Why's the baby running around in just a diaper?"
"He kept mermaiding and I didn't feel like fighting him any more."
by GusChaos October 17, 2007
To fuck someone with both feet, or to fist someone with both feet.
My feet are cramped from mermaiding your mom all afternoon.
by Rolf Exton & Humphrey Garden April 16, 2013
After sex, a women makes a wailing noise with her tongue to further seduce her man.
I was having sex with this girl and then she was mermaiding. This drove me to my peak.
by joe333 October 22, 2013