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N. the sound a fatass cat says instead of meow.
"Get off the couch!"
by Freakzilla23 September 30, 2009
A commonly use tequnice to annoy or avoid and get people off your case about something when you know they are talking to you. When used properly the person will say "me or..." while looking around at other people with a confused look wondering if they are talking to you. comes from a scene in the movie Dodgeball.
1. "joe did you take my 20 bucks"
"wait me or...."
"ohhhh.... wait me or...."
"OMG i dont even care anymore"

2. "hey ryan want to go to the movies"
"wait me or...."
"ummm yea you"
"wait what... me or..."
by your mothers sweet ass July 27, 2009
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