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1. One who reeks of feces and excrement on a regular basis.

2. One who lacks any form of personal hygiene

3. Synonym for a male with a tiny penis

4. One who often commits acts of utter fuckery

5. A stupid fuck

6. Inhabits brick houses in Hyde Park

7. A repulsive excuse of a human being

8. One who lacks the skills to brush their teeth

8. God's mistake
How was last night?" "Terrible, I had Menzi. I couldn't even tell when it went in.
by WAZZUPMENZI May 03, 2011
(noun) The shady one.
-ied (verb) To be had by a menzi.
-ies (noun.) A severe case of multiple chronic illnesses due to being had by a menzi.
noun. Ut oh, here comes menzi, run!
verb. Ut oh, I was menzied!
noun. Help! I've got a case of the menzis!
by justin hansen December 26, 2003