A type of cigarette that makes the person smoking it sterile.
At first LaKesha was worried that LeRoy had gotten her pregnant but when she saw that he smoked menthols she knew he was sterile and therefore she couldn't get pregnant by him.
by TUKJGKJGUKJJ December 08, 2007
Top Definition
Menthol cigarettes, in which the smoke inhaled produces a cool sensation in the throat.
"I just bought a pack of marlboro menthols"
by loner March 08, 2004
Mint-flavored cigarretes.
"Why do black people like menthols so much?"

"Uh...I don't know-"

"-That's correct! Nobody knows....nobody knows..."
by Jghd erguiordf August 15, 2006
A minty flavored cigarette smoked widely by the African American ethnicity
"Yo Spanky you got some menthols?"
by Corky Oralbuckle May 18, 2006
The best cigarettes on the mother fucking planet. None that pussy shit.

I was having such a nic fit, I almost stuck a dude at the TC.
"Niggy, gimme yo fuckin' menthols!"
by NIggANUNO November 24, 2008
Cool. Awesome in a smooth way.
Jay is always menthol with the ladies in the club.
by M. Comfort Smythe July 28, 2013
cigarettes with a mint taste (made fo all the niggers)
Yo ak you got a menthol, hell ya you know im a nigga.
by Bobby n April 24, 2005

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