Top Definition
- Noun

1. That friend/associate who unapologetically never contributes anything to the group, and always sponges his/her food, rides, alcohol, etc from others.

2. Any person who is dependent on the goodwill or charity of others; a freeloader or beggar

- Adjective

Of or pertaining to freeloaders or beggars.
Mendicant: "Hey, hey, is that alcohol and weed you guys have got there? I’ll have some! And how about a lift home from one you, since some of you are driving?"
Good Bloke: "Damnit mate, it’s a good thing for you that some of us have jobs and driver’s licences, and are willing to share our shit with mendicants like yourself. Get a job, a car and a licence already!"

Mendicant: "Hey guys, looks like I’m finally going to be moving out of my parents’ house!!!!!!!"
Real Bloke: "You know, most people normally do this before the age of 40, and without financial help from their parents, but if this means you’re going to be less of a mendicant twat in the future then everyone here is happy for you!"
by Charlemagne1993 July 09, 2015
A stupid beggar
That george is a feckless mendicant.
by Icedevil April 30, 2003
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