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After the penis has left the vagina, the folds do not immediately go back to original size. Similar to pressing your hand on a memory foam mattress.
After Tom finished screwing Suzy's memory foam flaps, her hole can be seen into up to a mile away.
by Elle910 March 22, 2007
9 5
A certain girl with huge, amazing boobs. Unfortunatly for her, most guys can't look her in the eye when they talk to her. But she is fucking hot.
Guy: "Give me a hug"
Hot Girl: "kay"
Guy: "Dude look! My zipper made an imprint in her boobs!"
Other Guy: "Dude! That's sick it's like a memory foam bed!"
by flamingtsunami69 March 28, 2008
7 5
Some Crap Nasa Made To "Help Sleep"..Bull
And Sometimes Cheap versions are made by other retarded companies
This Memory foam Sucks! It Gave me a Back Ache!
by Nedakh August 17, 2006
5 9