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Fake or watered down, e.g. decaffeinated coffee, diet coke. From the commercial "Is it real or is it Memorex!"
Gimee a cuppa java! Real or Memorex?
by octopod November 09, 2003
Either an absolute fantastic implant job, or one so obvious they are readily apparent to the naked eye.
Are those real or are they "memorex"?
by deb&me March 05, 2009
A really shitty american electronics company. I bought a memorex MP3 player and it didnt turn on at all with fresh batteries, and it wasnt on lock. I returned and got another one. the second one didnt work-the sound didnt come through correctly. I tried with my sony headphones and the headphones included with the unit. even when they were all the way in, the headphones needed to be held down while listening so the sound would come through. I returned it and got my $140 back. Where i bought it (Target) must've realized it was shitty too, because it was on sale for $119. Coclusion:Memorex is shitty, buy sony.
Is it poor quality or is it memorex?
a mental rolladex.
Mark: "Here let me give u my number."

Anne:"Ok go ahead."

Mark:"Are you not going to write it down??"

Anne:"No, I've got it stored in my memorex."
by *~*Karma Is A Bitch*~* March 27, 2010
definition - nub admin who sometimes forgets how to close topics and stuff :P But a good man nonetheless. <3 U BABY!
Memosex likes predator = winnar!
by Panties2 August 12, 2004
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