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Someone who uses internet meme in everyday life around normal people. This can be drawing memes and letting them be seen publicly, using them when talking on Facebook, Twitter etc., saying them in normal conversation.

They often think they're funnier when people are unaware of what they're talking about. Memefags are most commonly socially awkward people or early teens kids.

Though not everyone who knows memes, use them like this. People who are familiar with meme but only use them in places where it's acceptable, when seeing someone using memes in a normal real life place, can often start raging.
Memefag: LOL umadbro?

Normal person: huh ???

Memefag: haha newfag

Normal person: newfag hha wtf ???

Other guy (thinking to himself): Fucking memefag.
by The Kira February 04, 2011
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One who habitually abuses memes within and especially outside of memespace for the purpose of making himself look like a clever and amusing individual but fails to achieve the desired effect

Tumblrfag: cool story bro
Tumblrfag2: u mad bro?
Tumblrfag3: i aint even mad bro

ITT: Memefags
by JewsSuckk January 29, 2011

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