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1.Meme-propagating media, including - the internet, advertising, news media, or television show.

2.Something that creates a meme.

3.Cause of a social or cultural awareness.

4.Creator of knowledge about something which may not merit attention.

The reason why sheeple think 'Silent Shout' by The Knife was album of the year 2006, and that Arctic Monkeys are a great band. Why you know who (insert name of talentless nobody) is.

"The meme machine must've been in full affect to have influenced me into buying that awful U2 album with a naked, pre-pubescent, boy on the cover"

by Goatlips December 29, 2007
A person (usually a white teen) who eats, drinks, breathes Memes. In some cases even injecting memes into his bloodstream.

He pumps out memes on his Edgy IFunny account to surpass Dibly and Racoo.
"Hey George, Did you catch Filthy Franks new video?"
"Sure did Sam, that dudes a motherfucking Meme Machine."
"For sure, edgy as shit."
by SchoolChild May 25, 2016
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