Melon head a person with a massive head almost looks like a melon suprisingly. Even though this kid trys ton get through wothout being called melon head there always is one whilst u try to sneak into the room shouting out MELOOOOOONNNNN HHHEEEAADDDD then the whole class will join in with laughter
random dude:look he has a melon head
Random dude 2: i heard that we shall call him melon head
by Djsmoohty September 22, 2009
Top Definition
A large headed creature thats runs around Wisner road in Kirtland screaming.
Holy shit that was a melon head.
by the prophet June 07, 2004
a person with a large oversize head "GEORDIEMELON"
Biff has a pure massive Melon Head
by DX Selbinator June 26, 2010
A melonhead is a fan of the 1990's post-grunge band Blind Melon with vocalist Shannon Hoon, may he rest in peace.
Don't talk to that melonhead, he's stuck in the nineties.
by dbieon12 March 31, 2007
a person with a head shaped oddly like a melon
melon u fukin ugly cunt ur head looks like a fukin melon u melon headed fukin disgrace
by fatman kristian January 05, 2005
Suffering from a hangover. "Melon headed" is a variant.
I drank booze in excess last night and woke up this morning with a melon head.
by Texas Wordsmith October 20, 2013
Someone with a head proportionately larger than their body, usually quite noticable.
Even at great distances,due to freak circumstances at birth,champion Gazelle Boxer Chris Butterworth of Pudsey near Leeds could easily be defined as a Melon Head. Amazingley, he has led an almost normal life so far.
by Molech March 30, 2013
verb - to stick your head in an australian's girl vagina

noun - someone who has tits the size of melons who are good at giving head

There is a rumor that there was a man living in San Francisco who died from giving melonhead to a korean cleric.
verb - oh i melonhead that girl last night :)

noun - wow i met a girl named leah last night, shes a melonhead
by vTBiShop September 22, 2009
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