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Melon head a person with a massive head almost looks like a melon suprisingly. Even though this kid trys ton get through wothout being called melon head there always is one whilst u try to sneak into the room shouting out MELOOOOOONNNNN HHHEEEAADDDD then the whole class will join in with laughter
random dude:look he has a melon head
Random dude 2: i heard that we shall call him melon head
by Djsmoohty September 22, 2009
A large headed creature thats runs around Wisner road in Kirtland screaming.
Holy shit that was a melon head.
by the prophet June 07, 2004
a person with a large oversize head "GEORDIEMELON"
Biff has a pure massive Melon Head
by DX Selbinator June 26, 2010
A melonhead is a fan of the 1990's post-grunge band Blind Melon with vocalist Shannon Hoon, may he rest in peace.
Don't talk to that melonhead, he's stuck in the nineties.
by dbieon12 March 31, 2007
verb - to stick your head in an australian's girl vagina

noun - someone who has tits the size of melons who are good at giving head

There is a rumor that there was a man living in San Francisco who died from giving melonhead to a korean cleric.
verb - oh i melonhead that girl last night :)

noun - wow i met a girl named leah last night, shes a melonhead
by vTBiShop September 22, 2009
a person with a head shaped oddly like a melon
melon u fukin ugly cunt ur head looks like a fukin melon u melon headed fukin disgrace
by fatman kristian January 05, 2005
Suffering from a hangover. "Melon headed" is a variant.
I drank booze in excess last night and woke up this morning with a melon head.
by Texas Wordsmith October 20, 2013
Someone who's head is in the shape of a melon.
Is also a way of bullying.
Sam: Hey!
Dexter: Haha! Your head looks like someone replaced your skull with a melon!
Sam: So?
Jake: Melon Head! Hahahahaha!
by 00jace November 04, 2013