A term used to define the recent trade rumors surrounding star Shooting-Forward of the Denver Nuggets, Carmelo Anthony.
Jeff: Did you hear about the rumors surrounding Carmelo Anthony?
Bobby: Oh I don't even care all of this is so Melo-Dramatic.
by Bobby BigMeech February 21, 2011
Top Definition
Over-emotional; Over-reacting; Showing large intensity of emotion
Nick was being a lil' melodramatic bitch
by GoatFootedLordOfPain July 15, 2014
The state of being exaggeratedly (theatrically) dramatic.

'Melodramatic' is derived from melodrama, which is in turn derived from the Greek word 'melos' (music) and the word 'drama'.
Random student: *watching commercial in class about poor children in Africa*: Oh, those poor kids! I just want to hug them and kiss them and tell them *sniff* they're going to be okay! Oh, I'm sorry *sniff*... can I get some water?

Me to another classmate: ''Ugh, just another display of attention-seeking from Ms Melodramatic. I swear, she's constantly trying to make herself look more thoughtful or 'nice' than she really is. Either that, or she's just overreacting.''
by WhiteWarlock May 11, 2016
A interactive blog site created by Sara Sioux where people are allowed to write/express feelings of angst,depression, contempt or happiness (though it's rare to find happy entries). Shorthandedly known as melo.
I got so pissed off at my bf, I wrote shit about him on melodramatic.

I hate my life, I'll post it on melo later.
by Amsaha February 19, 2008
the act of remaining mellow infront of a dramatic person or experience.
person 1:Do you see that heffa over there?
person 2:Yeah, I do, that wilden out hood rat named Rachel, she is so crazy!
person 1:I know but her friend Rebecca right there is so melodramatic!
person 2:For shizzle, I wanna be just like her when I grow up!
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