A perfect name for a pefect girl. Melodi is stunning, with long blonde hair and brown eyes. She is so easy to fall in love with and treats her lovers with respect. She is extremely talented beyond her amazing beauty and loves to sing. She can do any gymnastic feat and has an amazing figure. Everyone wants to be Melodi's friend but she chooses only those that are true. Melodi can see through fakeness and hates to hurt anything. Only special girls can have this name. Melodi is also unique, and you can tell her anything and she will never betray your trust. She's funny and can be sexy. Melodi is tall and dances better than a professional. She plays the violin.
Guy 1: Wow, that girl is amazing

Guy 2: Yup, that's a melodi
by HappinessFountain September 23, 2012
Top Definition
hahah! spelled with an "i". the best friend a girl could have. always a good time with her. a pretty and slim, tall girl with a great personality. shes always there for you if you need her. shell make sure you arent sad.
dude 1: see that girl? shes so great!

dude 2: shes a melodi isnt she?
by xXv0guishXx June 19, 2009
n. A young female that is relatively flawless. She is very pretty, which is even more evident when compared to some of the other girls in her school. She is also charismatic, sweet, and is a great person to be around. She has a great sense of humor, which you can tell right away when you talk to her. She attracts some very weird people, and the way she deals with them is very entertaining. Has a lot of friends, which is good, but also bad, because the more time she's talking to her friends, the less time she's talking to you. She is sometimes poked fun at for only being half Asian and trying to act "white". Of course this is false, and if you take the time to get to know her, you realize just how great she is.
Happy Birthday, Melodi!
by HeyThereKiddo March 11, 2010
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