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Self-importance without any evidence that we (or our world view) actually matter.
I reject the greater good as I believe only in meism.
by tillzen October 27, 2007
The belief that this is for you, by you, so help you (God). This belief encompasses all religions and is prominently practiced even if you know it or not.
I am strong worshiper of Meism, nothing you do affects me.

I don't care what you believe, it is about me, for me, and you don't matter in Meism.
by Founder of Meism July 19, 2013
Beliefs, ideologies, opinions and appreciation of a person about himself or about anything that concerns him that is published/announced to the public.
1. I just found a site where I can publish all my meisms!

2. All these people who do nothing but post meisms on social networking sites are nothing but attention-seekers.

3. Can you not talk about your meisms for just a second?
by eiramanele January 04, 2011
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