A fake unit of money to describe how retarted an idea or concept is. Can also be used to trick someone into completing a dare in exchange for a non-existing currency. Megamoney is made by taking a scrap piece of paper and writing "megamoney" across the top with retarted lettering, and a face in the middle (smiley or angry pirate) One megamoney equals .0000000000002 of a US penny. The symbol for megamoney is ¤ and it originates from Uzpakimenabia.
Taron: Okay, so my idea is to take a blender and an oven and put them together to make the BLENDOVEN!

Caleb: Wow, I'll pay you 300 megamoney for it, genius


Caleb: Taron, I'll give you 450 megamoney to lick the toilet bowl
by zmx15 February 12, 2009

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