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When a girl has a crush on you, but you are too noobish to realize, or you are too shy to do anything about it. This girl will hang out with you and give you all the opportunities in the world for you to make your move, but you never will. This will only inflate the megacrush.

Unfortunately, you will only find out about the megacrush well after the window of opportunity. This information will haunt you for the rest of your days.
Girl: Hey, I just rented Scream, and I'm too scared to watch it by myself. Do you want to come over and watch it with me?
Boy: Nah, Dave and I are gunna go play Mario Kart 64 tonight.
Girl: Oh... ok...

Dave: Hey dude, remember back in high school that girl Kate?
Moron: Ya, she was hot.
Dave: Ya, she had a megacrush on you dude. Did you ever get some of that?
Moron: wtf! She had a crush on me!? I am teh fail!
Dave: Yup.
by techobo February 05, 2010
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