1. An incredibly awesome metal band made up of geology students from Humboldt!

2. A type of earthquake that occurs at convergent plate boundaries.
"My mama was adopted, my daddy wore a toupee, he brushed his teeth with vagisil, my mama laughed all day...wheeeee megathrust!"

"This earthquake can be classified as a megathrust quake."
by Silurian Swagger January 25, 2011
Top Definition
a motion usually related to sex where a man (or woman)push their whole body, from the neck down, back and forward repeatidly.
Jimmy: Tina, you are so hott.

Tina: mega thrust into me, Jimmy!

Jimmy: *mega thrusts*

Tina: i think you nearly broke my pelvic bone.
by AideyAideyTheMakeUpLady April 29, 2008
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