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a motion usually related to sex where a man (or woman) push a part of there body forward and back repeatidly, usually the pelvis.
Timmy: i had Tina on my bed last night, and i couldnt help but thrust my pelvis into her.

Jimmy: just a regular thrust?

Timmy: is there any other?

Jimmy: well.. i mega thrusted her last weekend. i nearly broke her pelvic bone.
by AideyAideyTheMakeUpLady April 29, 2008
a rare but real being. half human. half sea creature. a freak of nature. when a lonely mountain man had sex with a salmon, the salmons little fish babies had the top half of a person, but the bottom half of a fish. bam! the mermaid was born.
Jimmy: im so lonely. there isnt much to do in the mountains.

Salmon: glubglubglubglub..

Jimmy: well.. youre pretty arent you.. yes. pretty pretty salmon.. shal we fornicate in this torrent of water and make a bastard child and call it a mermaid? half man, half fish? yes? good. brace youre self..
by AideyAideyTheMakeUpLady April 28, 2008
a motion usually related to sex where a man (or woman)push their whole body, from the neck down, back and forward repeatidly.
Jimmy: Tina, you are so hott.

Tina: mega thrust into me, Jimmy!

Jimmy: *mega thrusts*

Tina: i think you nearly broke my pelvic bone.
by AideyAideyTheMakeUpLady April 29, 2008
An insult implying someone/something has a vagina for a face.
Timmy: hey, Vaj Face!

Jimmy: ouch..
by AideyAideyTheMakeUpLady April 26, 2008

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