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Business jargon for a function before a professional meeting, seminar, convention or conference where you go to meet people in your field to network and get laid.
The National Protological Association annuall convention's meet and greet was a success. I met with the heads of 5 manufactures, 4 resellers, 2 financiers, and 3 cocktail waitresses.
by Tenacious Faulker July 10, 2009
To hook up with someone before knowing the person, similar to one night stand.
"Dude, do you actually know that girl or was it more of a meet and greet?"
by stella cool June 22, 2009
Code for blowjob or fellatio.
It was that time of the month, so I got my boyfriend off with a meet and greet.
by TS - the texas shocker April 29, 2010
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