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A meese is the plural of moose.
Like mouse and mice.
"look there is a moose"
"look there are two meese"
by RTOONS42 June 16, 2009
83 72
noun, plural of 'moose'
Look at those meese in my backyard!
by Shinizzle December 16, 2006
57 48
Plural of "Moose", in referance to the male appendage showing through tightly worn cowboy jeans.
"Check out the meese on those old guys!" - OR - "Its senior citizen prom, the meese are loose tonight!"
by Bigbore500r July 14, 2014
1 0
The plural form of moose; mooses
Meese are known for their abnormally large antlers.
by Stranded Time Lord April 15, 2014
1 1
Meese is the plural of moose.
OMG! i hit some meese.
by Palec22 July 18, 2009
18 18
More than 1 moose. Since goose becomes geese, moose become meese.
"Look over there, there is a group of meese."
by Mroczek March 17, 2008
18 18
The plural of moose. Sounds much better than mooses, wouldn't you agree?
The meese copulated with each other with surprising vigour.
by Kaz01 December 25, 2007
23 23