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The tinny, twangy noise made when a guitarist plays a "hot lick" high up the fretboard.
"Yeah, I can play the guitar. I can do your basic rhythm guitar like... Jug Jigga Jug Jigga Jug Jiggah Jug Jiggah Jah Jaaaah... Jiggedy Jug Jiggah Jug Jiggah Jug Jiggah Jug Jiggah JAH JAAAAH! You know, something like that. I can also play some pretty hot lixx. You know that are just way high up on the tiny strings and you mash your fingers on 'em... Meedley meedley meedley meedley meedley meedley meedley meedly meedly MEEEEEEEH! Yeah yeah and then Strong Mad comes in on his bass and he's all like Doh dah dah doh doh doh doh and then Da Cheat comes in on his keyboard and he's like boop boop boop boop boop boop boop and I'm like And the dragon comes in the NIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHT!!!"
by SirBulge January 23, 2004

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